Patient Journey

Diagnosis and Testing

Receiving the News and How to Prepare for Treatment.

(Radiology Tests, Blood Tests, Endoscopy, Other Consultations)

Meeting the Surgical Team

Discussions with your Healthcare Team.

(Scheduling my first Appointment, Scheduling my Operation)

Preparing for Surgery

What can I do to optimize my outcomes?

(Nutrition, Exercise, Smoking Cessation, Stress Reduction, Other Specialties)

One Week before the Operation

Meet with the Anesthesia and Surgical Team

( Important Questions to ask your Doctors)

One Day before the Operation

Bowel Cleanse and Dietary Changes

(Steps to follow the day before your Operation)

Day of the Operation

Information for the Day of your Surgery

( Pre-Operative Care Unit, Undergoing and Waking up after Surgery)

Post-Operative Hospital Stay

What happens after Surgery?

(Information about hospital stay, recovery and remote care)

Follow-up Appointment

A follow-up appointment will be coordinated by the Surgical Team.