Research and Clinical Trials

US-TaTME trial

Total Mesorectal Excision, also known as TME, is a foundational aspect in treatment for resectable rectal cancer. In recent years, laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques has started to be widely accepted due to lower surgical traumatic experiences and faster post-surgery patient recovery. However, both surgical techniques have resulted with similar post-operative morbidity which can affect a patient’s bowel movement, sexual performance, and urinary function. Transanal TME, TaTME, along with laparoscopic approach was introduced to assist with the completeness of TME by using a transanal approach. In order to overcome the difficulties associated with low pelvic dissection, TaTME is performed using a “bottom-up approach”.  This multi-centered study evaluates patient’s safety and efficacy of TaTME using a laparoscopic or robotic approach with participants diagnosed with rectal cancer.

Bowel Stimulation (MCGill)

Rectal cancer and benign colonic diseases are often treated by Low Anterior resections. With this form of surgery, anastomotic leak is a cause of post-operative morbidity which can lead to complications such as death. Loop ileostomy is still considered to be the most effective method is lowering the chances of anastomotic leaks. Following a ileostomy closure, post-operative ileus is the most common morbidity. Past research studies have shown that with loop ileostomy, an inactive bowel endures many functional and structural changes and can develop a post-operative ileus. This multi-centered study helps determine the surgical impact of pre-operative stimulation of the distal limb part of a loop ileostomy on the post-operative ileus.

Bowel Prep (Ottawa)

Within the practical guidelines for surgeries, surgeons and healthcare institutions have not established a standard of care when it comes to pre-operative preparations of the bowel planned for a colorectal surgery. Each healthcare institutions exercise their own method in consisting of no preparation, mechanical bowel preparation (MBP) and oral antibiotics, or oral antibiotics alone. Till this date, there hasn’t been any agreement on what is considered to be the best clinical practice amongst surgeons and no pre-operative guidelines have been set due to it. This study compares post-operative outcomes in patients that have colorectal surgery performed with oral antibiotic and no form of pre-operative preparations.

Gut Slice (Sick Kids-Toronto)

In Canada, food allergies are a continuing public health issue with no acceptable and agreed upon treatment for those that are affected. To get a better understanding in food allergens, we need to recognize the responses made by the human immune system. A targeted approach needs to be discovered for improving current treatment options and to diagnose areas where an allergic reaction can occur. This study will help generate a food allergy model using a small portion of the gut issue in order to visualize the behavior of cells, which makes up a tissue, after being exposed to food allergens.